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Imagine having your own product team, designer, developer, and project manager. Now imagine it's just two people, and they're really into goats.

What can we do for you?

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User interfaces and experiences are the welcoming front door to any web, mobile or desktop app.
Visual Design
From logos to illustrations and design explorations, visual design can add context and beauty to a variety of projects.
Web Development
We offer a variety of development services in various frameworks & flavors, such as Ruby on Rails.
Print Design
Yes we still do it, yes it's still important, and we really mean it. Print still has a place at the Tiny Goat table.
Project Management
Working with Tiny Goat means having a shot-caller, decision maker, roadblock leveller and deadline enforcer with you every step of the climb.
Business & Brand Consulting
Sometimes you just need someone to run an idea by, or to check your work against. We do that too.

Meet the Goats.

We're sort of the dream team.

Nick Jones


Nick has over fifteen years' experience in graphic and interactive design, including experience with large publication design and development in CMS environments.

Anita Cafiero

Project Manager

Anita brings ten years of project management experience to the team, as well as her skills in marketing and digital brand management and quality assurance.

The work we do.

See for yourself.



Lumiary is a revolutionary platform that allows small retailers (think Etsy) to manage their customer outreach and digital brand. Lumiary needed a simple UI that made the wealth of under-the-hood power easy ti understand at a glance. They also knew whatever they did should work across a variety of demographics. In the end, Tiny Goat delivered a cohesive interface for their app that garnered praise from testers, and more from customers since launch.


Visual Design

Design exploration lets us get to the heart of design issues without spending time or money on engineering. For this client, whose product is still in development, we undertook a series of studies about the UI for an energy product. The energy and transportation spaces are in need of disruption and new thinking in terms of human factors, and we were excited to be involved in these first steps.



SEElogix is really two products in one: a platform to allow homeowners to stay on top of ownership related tasks and planning, and a communication platform for realtors. Tiny Goat has been deeply involved in helping to manage that complexity by providing user interface and app development, visual design and UX planning.



A lot of people say print is a dying (or dead) art. Talk to anyone doing letterpress, producing posters, or laying out lead type and you'll hear a different story. We were raised setting type by hand, learning font names and proper line length. Designing print serves the present while paying homage to the past. Also, it means we get to look at paper samples.


Branding & ID

Whether you have a brand and brandmarks that need updating, or none at all, we can help. Brandmarks go hand in hand with visual design, as a way to set the tone for an entire product, service, or application. Let us help you tell your story through a concise, thoughtful brand identity.


Project Management

The backbone of everything we do at Tiny Goat is making good plans. Previsualization, wireframing, and diagramming go a long way towards letting us see into the future of a project. A flexible plan lets us negotiate over the bumps in the road. A truly great plan inspires us to make the best things we possibly can.

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